Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Scissors at the Soul Tree, supporting Make Model

Bloody good fun, despite a couple of technical hitches (Toby yanked his guitar lead out of the amp in a moment of sheer exuberance. Got it back in again, noise happily restored)...
Enjoyed the other bands muchly also - Frank Hamilton's wry observational songwriting; The Corrections strange art-pop take on stuff (their closer 'OCD' kicks ass); and Make Model proved great live, even better then their studio tracks promised.
Talking to Lewis (MM's guitar/vox), was disappointed to learn that their name is not in fact taken from the instructions on an old Airfix kit, but is actually a comment on society's obsession with technology, inbuilt obsolescence, and those toy cars you get at garages in big multipacks (I might have made that last one up.)

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