Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Helen Robertson on Dave Hammond's Smelly Flowerpot

We had our chum the fantastic punky-folk-pop singer-songwriter Helen Robertson supporting us at our recent album launch gig, and she subsequently appeared live in the studio on Davey Hammond's Smelly Flowerpot radio show. If you missed the show, it's now available on Mixcloud to listen to again!

New video footage from launch gig!

See (and hear!) footage from our recent album launch gig on the 'Video' tab above! Like this...

Monday, 14 March 2016

On Sonic Diary's Punk Show!

We've been featured on Sonic Diary's Punk Show on Salford City Radio! Alongside new tracks from our hero (and everyone's?) Iggy Pop, and loads of other cool stuff. Check it out on Mixcloud...
Toby Scissor looks happy about it (pic by Jay)

'Haunted Mirror' album launch reviewed in Cambridge Music Reviews

Big thanks to everyone who made Saturday's album launch such a great night! Mike Wright posted a lovely review in Cambridge Music Reviews, reproduced in full here:

"After ten years on the Cambridge music scene The Scissors release a new album, the grammatically challenging ‘The Scissors Is The Haunted Mirror’.
The four-piece promise ‘carnival freakshow organ, primitive synths, and rock’n’roll guitar powered psychpunkpop.’ and much of this manifesto is to be heard in show starter ‘Come With Me’, the opening track on the LP. In the week that Keith Emerson of ELP became the latest rocker to die in 2016, it was good to be reminded of the great Hammond organ sound as it pushed its way into the chorus of this punchy bass-driven song.
‘No Go The Lowdown’ is a rocker with a cryptic lyric and the clever effect of all instruments and voice sharing the hook line. We had a brief acoustic interlude featuring antique accordion and acoustic guitar for ‘Attack Of The Phantom Teardrops’ then ‘Phone Calls From The Dead’ and final track ‘Your House Has Ghosts’ are back to noisy pop-rock. Best of all is the slow-burner blues of ‘Why Don’t You Cry’, with theremin textures (always fascinating to watch), guitar fireworks and the vocals from Stewart Harris making the most of the straight to the heart melody.
It was a good advert for the album (although I would have liked to hear the keyboard rushes and emotional turmoil hidden behind the title of of ‘Don’t Hate Me Just Because I’m Yours’).
Their free lyric sheet proclaimed it was ‘a phantasmagorical entertainment to thrill and beguile the senses…’, they certainly proved again that they are one of the best live bands in Cambridge."
Pic by Jay

Pic by Jay


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Looking to listen?

Our new album will be available in just a couple of days (Friday 11 March!), and you'll be able to get it digitally from German Shepherd Records' BandCamp page, on the 'Music' tab above (or indeed from most of the usual online outlets)!
Our older records are still available via our own self-release BandCamp page, which is linked to further down the page.
So just for a couple of days, the 'Music' tab only takes you to the pre-order page (where you can hear a preview of 'No go the lowdown')! But from Friday, you'll be able to hear the whole album on there. Hope that makes sense!
Happy listening!