Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Do you believe in MODern love?

Next gig! A free-entry mod/psych extravaganza down at Cambridge's lovely Cornerhouse. Saturday 14th October.
Playing with mod revival legends The Face, and energetic mod/psychsters The Keepers!

It might even be our next single launch, if the stars align...

Rain couldn't stop the rocknroll! Knackfest 2017 at Karma Farm

Huge thanks to the Knackfesters at the weekend at Karma Farm - all who came (and those who bought up all our CDs), the Knackers for having us play once again; and to the sound guy who got half the band smashed on absinthe!
Pic by Donna. The rain couldn't stop the rocknroll!

What a great bill it was too - we caught sets from Raggedy Rawney, Alice Walker, Tommy Loose, the Knackers-lite, and Psychic Lemon - all fantastic. We had an amazing time... maybe do it again in 2018?