Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Scissors recording Skylon and Your House Has Ghosts

The Scissors spent yesterday (20 December) having a very productive recording session, engineered by Chris Pepper. In eight busy hours, fuelled by Dr Pepper, chilli cheese snacks and Cadbury's chocolate fingers we got Skylon and Your House Has Ghosts in the can. Hear the results on our myspace shortly (or on Chris' myspace)!

Eating the chilli snacks with chocolate fingers together really worked...

Friday, 19 December 2008

Very Special Guest on 20 Feb The Scissors / Popes of Chillitown gig

We've got a Very Special Guest joining The Scissors and The Popes of Chillitown when we play at The Man On The Moon in Cambridge on 20 February! We'll tell you more next week. In the meantime, we'll leave you guessing, and maybe feeling just a little bit Kooky…

Watch this space!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Scissors at The Alma, 29 November

We had a great fun night on Saturday, at The Alma (a little treasure of a pub tucked away in Russell Court, off Hills Road). The Brackets and Umbrella Assassins played some mighty stuff too, cheers guys! The Brackets kindly lent the use of their monster bass rig, which probably shook the foundations of the surrounding buildings a bit, but was very satisfying to play through. Can't beat a good rumble.

The bar ran out of rum though...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Scissors in zombie horror movie!

The Scissors have risen from the grave (or at least their rehearsal space) to get involved with Amy Leigh Hawes' no-budget movie Zombie Daytrip!
As well as providing a recording of 'Your house has ghosts' (a new version of which is up on our myspace) for the soundtrack, Stewart Scissor got all zombified and spent a day lurching around Cambridge trying to scare passers-by. So what's different there?
Pictures of the undead fun can be seen on BBC Cambridgeshire.
More news on when/where you can see the finished movie later...

What next - A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead?

Friday, 19 September 2008

Facebook Scissors group

And don't forget, if you're one of those Facebook-shaped social networker types, you can join the Scissors' official group.

Join up and meet weird people!

The Scissors new rehearsal space

Having been thrown out of our Scissors' Secret Laboratory(TM), The Scissors have finally got a new rehearsal space. But it's top secret, a bit like Tracy Island only with more shelf-space (and quite good acoustics)
Now the action playsets are sorted, maybe some Scissors 4" poseable action figures? Moveable parts and accessories sold separately.
Please post your ideas for playsets, outfits, etc!

Now we can gear up for Sunday 21 September, playing at the Portland Arms with Dirty Royals and Aidy. The fun starts about 7.30, so be there!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Vote for Skylon!

Not our song, but the real thing! A campaign is underway to re-build the icon of the 1951 Festival of Britain. You can even vote to get it re-built in Cambridge.

Think it would look nice on the middle of Parker's Piece?

Wherever, we think it's still a lovely metaphor for doomed relationships everywhere...

Portland Arms, 5 July review

We got the glo-sticks out again for Saturday's Portland gig with Cosy Cosy! David Bridge was there, and posted this review on his site.

'...take a slice of Clash, mix in some apocalyptic circus-sideshow keyboards + whack in some lyrics full of nostalgia & dread for good measure... The set was balanced well, building it up before tearing it down with the anthemic "Lucy For London" and "Gone". All in all an enjoyable outing, I thoroughly recommend checking The Scissors out if they're in your area.'

Cheers David!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Your house has ghosts (lyric)

There's a room in your eyes
It's where somebody died
Your house has ghosts

You've been tapping your own table
For a weekend in the dark
Your house has ghosts

Empty bedroom every crashes
You didn't finish what you started
Your house has ghosts

(c) 2008 The Scissors
There's a rehearsal demo of this song on

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Loud is the new quiet

Things may have seemed quiet in Scissorland for a while, but they're about to get much louder! We've been writing and rehearsing some new stuff - new songs include 'When is a boy not a boy' and 'Your house has ghosts' (lyrics might appear up here shortly to tease and tantalise ya)...
Got some new toys, new sounds - twists, tricks and jangles. In short, much enjoyment to be had! Soon!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Session at Mulletboy Studios

Wow that was fun! And fast! A quick run through a couple of songs to warm up and set levels, and we were off, tearing through our current set (some songs we did a couple of takes of to nail 'em right), as live as nature intended. Mulletboy was a great place to record (having a working toilet was a novelty compared with some places we've rehearsed), with great sound, nice gear and enthusiastic engineering! Check it out at

Now we're dying to hear the results on the radio...

Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Scissors on the radio!

Exciting adventures in broadcasting! The Scissors will be going into Mulletboy Studios next week to record a session for broadcast on Cambridge 209 radio (which confusingly, is on 105FM!) Visit and check out this rather fine community radio station's stuff.

But which songs to record? If you've got any preferences, post a comment (we'll probably ignore your choices anyway, but hey, democracy, right?)

We'll let you know when it's going to be broadcast...

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

When you were King Rat (lyric)

Do you remember the time you said you'd set the school on fire?
Well I believed what you told me, so it became true for a while
Down by the railway line with stories of a girl from art school
And how you posed for her paintings and I asked, 'does she have any friends too?'

I remember when you were King Rat
I remember, what became of that?

You were the talented one when it came to TROUBLE
Something that we'd heard about you said you'd taken double
A borrowed car and some lines, they both went much too fast
I said 'I know where we're going,' but some things aren't meant to last

I remember when you were King Rat
I remember, what became of that?

Do YOU remember?

Do you remember the times we said we'd set the world on fire
But now we pick up the pieces from afternoons planning ways to end in style

I remember when you were King Rat
I remember, what became of that?
(c) 2007 the scissors
Picture of preserved Ratten Koenig at the Mauritianum Musuem in Altenburg, Germany courtesy Wikipedia

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Scissors at the Soul Tree, supporting Make Model

Bloody good fun, despite a couple of technical hitches (Toby yanked his guitar lead out of the amp in a moment of sheer exuberance. Got it back in again, noise happily restored)...
Enjoyed the other bands muchly also - Frank Hamilton's wry observational songwriting; The Corrections strange art-pop take on stuff (their closer 'OCD' kicks ass); and Make Model proved great live, even better then their studio tracks promised.
Talking to Lewis (MM's guitar/vox), was disappointed to learn that their name is not in fact taken from the instructions on an old Airfix kit, but is actually a comment on society's obsession with technology, inbuilt obsolescence, and those toy cars you get at garages in big multipacks (I might have made that last one up.)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Skylon (lyric)

You put me aboard the Skylon
So full of promise but still earthbound
You made me the wayward Captain
But there are no stars up here to steer by

You told me the ground was long gone
Controls will not respond, I can't get down
Why is there still air to breathe now?
Asphyxiation would be a dream

Are you lost in space? Are you lost in space? Are you lost in space?

You put me aboard the Skylon
So full of promise but still earthbound
I would be your wayward Captain
But there are no stars and still I can't get down
(c) 2008 the scissors

Gone (lyric)

You saw it
I saw it
Even the THING in the bathroom saw it
But before we both saw it, it was gone

You tried it
I tried it
We didn't even know what it would taste like
But before we both tried it, it was gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone

You knew it
I knew it
Even the THING in the bathroom knew it
But before we both knew it, it was gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone gone we're gone
(c) 2006 the scissors

Lucy for London (lyric)

Lucy knows she'll lose herself in London
Is it all 4 REAL? Well, just don't ask her where she came from
And Lucy knows the stars are beside her on the pavement
'Is it you?' she says, but they're gone and she's lost in her amazement

You can find the world Ms Lonely as your life arrives on platform one

Lucy knows the value of destruction
She's bought some safety pins and now she's reading the instructions
She's NOW and she's HERE and she's got photos of the World's End
'It's a better dream,' she says, oh she knows she'll wake up on her own again

You can find the world Ms Lonely as your life arrives on platform one

And Lucy do you know where you are, do you know where you're going,
Do you know where you belong?
Lucy if you don't know, if you really don't know
Then I'm coming with you

(c) 2007 the scissors

'Lucy for London' was featured on Mike Bournsell's podcast show 'Cambridge Riffs' number 14.

Barfly gig, supporting Glasvegas

Scissors in action at Cambridge Barfly...
Tim ( reviewed us, "first up the local band, The Scissors. In front of a reasonable crowd they seemed a little overawed by the opportunity to play their brand of alternative pop, their sound augmented by an organ to good effect. They play a handful of self-penned songs and as their confidence on stage grows, they show enough promise to keep an eye open for them on the Cambridge circuit."
...which was nice. Overawed? Maybe a little, it was a hungry old beast of a crowd! We enjoyed it though!

Hello and welcome to Scissor blog!

Wow, all new shiny and C21st! Loving it...
There'll be a load of exciting stuff up here shortly, like reviews of the other bands we play with, pics, Scissor song lyrics, Scissorblog - anything else we can think of.