Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Scissors on Stagger radio show - listen again!

If you missed us on Cambridge 105's Stagger Indie radio show on Monday night, you can listen again on Mixcloud!

Full tracklisting was:
Hooded Fang: Wasteland
Cat's Eyes: Cat's Eyes
The Scissors: Come With Me
Jesse Hector with Crushed Butler: Love Is All Around Me
The Brides Of Funkenstein: War Ship To Touchante
Trembling Blue Stars: Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise
The Scissors: Don't Hate Me Just Because I'm Yours
The Stone Roses: She Bangs The Drums
Clinic: Internal Wrangler

The Scissors: Why Don't You Cry?
Broadcast: Ominous Cloud
The Scissors: No Go The Lowdown
The Mickey Finn: Garden Of My Mind