Saturday, 24 October 2020

Spotify playlist, Scissors influences!

Ever wondered what floats the Scissors' collective boat? Where some of the inspiration came from? Here via Spotify is just a tiny selection of tunes that have in some small way informed what we do: psych, garage, weird 'tronica, punk, new wave, the blue bobbly liquorice allsorts...

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Those nice people at German Shepherd Records

Those nice people at German Shepherd Records have put all our recordings on their label together on one, easy-to-eat page

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Into the twenties!

Update! We're sorting gigs for later in the year, working on new songs currently (it's February Album Writing Month, after all!). So that's why it seems a bit quiet at camp Scissor at the mo - but fear not, Things are Happening under the carpet...