Wednesday, 30 October 2013

'Daylight cinema' remastered edition coming soon!

Seeing as we've almost sold out of physical copies of our 2010 debut album 'Daylight Cinema', we thought we'd take the opportunity to remaster it and do a new edition. The original release was, for various reasons, a bit quiet and not mastered exactly as intended!

The new release will have sleeve notes about the context and recording of the album, some great photos from the launch gig, and memorabilia - enabling you to relive those heady days of winter 2009-10! Ahh, the whimpering dog of nostalgia...
We've also included two bonus tracks: the original demo version of dub excursion 'Over and out' (sounding pretty different to the released track), and an earlier recording of 'Lucy for London', dating back to the Scissors' early days, which appeared on podcasts and give-away CDs at gigs.

It's also in a different colour. Just because.

More news about a release date etc soon!