Thursday, 5 March 2015

Haunted Mirror

Work's continuing on our new album 'The Scissors is the Haunted Mirror' (we're taking The Scissors to be the definite article, hence 'is' and not 'are', grammar pedants out there. Plus we just like the sound of it), and it won't be too much longer, we promise! In the meantime, here's the cover art, to whet your appetites.
Delays mainly caused by the fact we're mixing the album by seance sessions conducted at eight minutes past midnight only on strange nights with a full moon. Finished mixes are then transmitted to master tape via magick lantern show. It's all in a good cause, you understand...

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C News Bangla said...

I never heard something like this but i like it. you are awesome guys and thanks for sharing something special to us. and its a hot news ever i heard