Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow can't stop the rock - Cambridge Junction Fiver 18 January

Big, big thanks to everyone who came and made last night's Junction Fiver such a great night! Shame the weather kept Volunteers from getting there (we loved their track 'Straight Edge Kids Make Me Wanna Binge Drink' from the Rocket to Romsey compilation). But Veteran, Prince Among Thieves and Whisky Jax were all awesome. As were the audience - it was great to see lots of jumping about and waving of arms at the front!
Pic by Liz, of Toby either wrestling with some artful feedback in his solo, or pointing his arse at the audience. Use your skill and judgement to decide which...

And thanks to Gary Brown at the Junction for asking us to play! Hopefully do it again sometime!

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Witchy said...

Excellent night, marred only by our train being cancelled at the last minute so us and Geoff jumped in a taxi. More tunes please, and the captcha for me to post this is 'ksbums'