Friday, 3 December 2010

Full steam ahead on 'Afternoons' EP!

Another productive session last night working on our 'Afternoons' EP. Put finished guitar and vocals on the title track, and we're really pleased with the results so far! Toby Scissor was still full of winter cold but powered valiantly through his parts fulled by copious quantities of 'medicinal' Chilean red wine.

The tracklisting will be:

'H C Ecstatic'
(as yet untitled song, provisionally referred to as 'The French-sounding one')
'Slow motion traffic'
'Laugh at yourself'

Now we know what's on it, and how it'll sound, we'll start sketching sleeve art ideas... 24 pack of Crayola and guitarist-safe scissors at the ready, hey ho let's go!

1 comment:

StewartScissor said...

The untitled song is now called 'Life in a jar'...