Friday, 11 April 2008

Session at Mulletboy Studios

Wow that was fun! And fast! A quick run through a couple of songs to warm up and set levels, and we were off, tearing through our current set (some songs we did a couple of takes of to nail 'em right), as live as nature intended. Mulletboy was a great place to record (having a working toilet was a novelty compared with some places we've rehearsed), with great sound, nice gear and enthusiastic engineering! Check it out at

Now we're dying to hear the results on the radio...

Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Scissors on the radio!

Exciting adventures in broadcasting! The Scissors will be going into Mulletboy Studios next week to record a session for broadcast on Cambridge 209 radio (which confusingly, is on 105FM!) Visit and check out this rather fine community radio station's stuff.

But which songs to record? If you've got any preferences, post a comment (we'll probably ignore your choices anyway, but hey, democracy, right?)

We'll let you know when it's going to be broadcast...

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

When you were King Rat (lyric)

Do you remember the time you said you'd set the school on fire?
Well I believed what you told me, so it became true for a while
Down by the railway line with stories of a girl from art school
And how you posed for her paintings and I asked, 'does she have any friends too?'

I remember when you were King Rat
I remember, what became of that?

You were the talented one when it came to TROUBLE
Something that we'd heard about you said you'd taken double
A borrowed car and some lines, they both went much too fast
I said 'I know where we're going,' but some things aren't meant to last

I remember when you were King Rat
I remember, what became of that?

Do YOU remember?

Do you remember the times we said we'd set the world on fire
But now we pick up the pieces from afternoons planning ways to end in style

I remember when you were King Rat
I remember, what became of that?
(c) 2007 the scissors
Picture of preserved Ratten Koenig at the Mauritianum Musuem in Altenburg, Germany courtesy Wikipedia