Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Into the twenties!

Update! We're sorting gigs for later in the year, working on new songs currently (it's February Album Writing Month, after all!). So that's why it seems a bit quiet at camp Scissor at the mo - but fear not, Things are Happening under the carpet...

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Return to Ipswich

We're back in Ipswich this month! It's been a few years, but we'll be at The Smokehouse on 16 March, with other German Shepherd Records artists Bouquet of Dead Crows and Umbrella Assassins! Should be a great night, hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

'Look good in cheap clothes' reviewed

A great review of the new album courtesy of Mike at Cambridge Music Reviews! Here's his thoughts in full...

"This excellent third full-length LP from Cambridge four-piece The Scissors pushes their sound into new territory musically and features words and ideas that chime with modern day concerns…
1. Plug Me In Kicking off with a chord from the soundtrack of a western, the sinister guitar of the verses is balanced by the organ-drenched chorus and it all ends very abruptly.
2. Parking Cars More of a rocker, driven by a pulsing bass riff. Not sure how the title line fits in but it is certainly catchy ‘…parking cars…you got to do it right…’ 3. Death Engineer A moody song about built-in obsolescence, suggesting that it is the responsibility of the title character. Around this lyrical resignation a Doors-sounding electric piano and rolling cymbals ominously threaten.
4. Look Good In Cheap Clothes A surreal monologue, spoken by frontman Stewart Harris as the band play freely with the structures and sonic textures. This is a companion to the disturbing artwork of the album front cover (which itself brings to mind the notorious Beatles ‘Yesterday And Today’ sleeve?)
5. I Dream In X-Ray Vision In case you thought the Scissors of old had disappeared this impressive track is a pounding reminder of their trademark sound, with unrelenting unified riff, dissonant guitar and even the theremin gets a look-in. The lyric of course has enough ambiguity and imagery to satisfy the diehard fan.
6. Edgelands Picking up the ‘edge of the world’ theme from the end of the previous song, this loose psychedelic americana is echoing and atmospheric, driven by a roving guitar and accordion.
7. When Is A Boy Not A Boy? A cinematic, sweeping track; a guitar solos plaintively over exciting drumming weaving in with a strong vocal performance.
8. Ufotopia This mid-tempo song is the longest on the album and features a subtly uplifting band sound with the questioning and resigned reflections from the narrator. A guest saxophone solo steals the show at the end.
BONUS TRACKS9. Glossy Magazines (EP ‘b’-side) This noisy staple of their live set is given a more introspective feel here, piling on the paranoia as the music moves in all sorts of unpredictable directions.
10. Electric Line Terminus (EP ‘b’-side) Another previous release and storming live track, this again has a Doors feel, a sort of doom-laden cataclysm of blues-based garage rock."

Friday, 7 December 2018

New album released!

Our new album is out! Get it from German Shepherd Records' Bandcamp page (or most of the usual digital/streaming outlets).
You can order a CD from the Bandcamp page if you prefer physical media.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Look good, look cheap! New album on 7 December

Nearly there! Our new album 'Look good in cheap clothes' is out on 7 December on German Shepherd Records; with a launch party on 6 December at the Cornerhouse, Cambridge (FREE ENTRY)! CDs will be available on the night!

Says Bob at German Shepherd...
"Cambridge’s highly regarded band The Scissors return with a brand new album replete with their signature swirling keyboard-fuelled psych-pop, horrorshow freakbeat guitars and new wave post-punk basslines. Titled “Look Good In Cheap Clothes” the 7th December release shows a real development from its popular predecessor “Haunted Mirror”. With a dazzling mix of garage punk, otherworldly pop, and some new explorations the band demonstrate a significant shift in their sound whilst retaining the core of their alternative take on music."

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

German Shepherd Records' new subscription service!

Our lovely record label German Shepherd Records will shortly be launching a subscription service! A great way to get your paws on LOADS of amazing music for a ridiculously cheap fee! Here's more...

'We will be launching a subscription option for our Bandcamp releases in the very near future.
With our subscription, you can get ALL of our new releases for just £40 a year (less than a pound a week!), while supporting our label and our roster of great artists directly. Given we release over 40 items a year this is a great value for money choice.
German Shepherd is owned, operated and funded by us, on a not for profit basis We pride ourselves on being grass-roots, DIY and artist-focused. We started in 2014 and have been slowly growing a fan base and getting the support of a selection of friendly DJs and bloggers who feature what we do.
However changes in the music industry, and price increases, have made it harder than ever for small labels like ours to stay in business in today’s climate. Your subscription will directly help us to continue releasing great music and in turn support some of the best underground artists out there.
When you subscribe you’ll get a load of great music and special offers
  • All our new releases will be automatically added to your Bandcamp account and available to download
  • A selection of 10 items from our back catalogue will be completely free when you sign up
  • There will be Special releases which are only available to subscribers – they will not be sold anywhere else
  • There will be special discounts for subscribers on gig tickets, merch and other material
  • There will be subscriber only blog updates from us, regular artist updates, exclusive demo material/live recordings and behind-the-scenes stuff
Watch out for the launch date!'